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Textile Technology

Knitting Technology

Vascutek manufactures Köper knitted grafts for excellent dilatation resistance3,5.

The unique, patented knitted structure1,2, produced by this technology results in polyester yarns being arranged perpendicular to each other on the inner surface of the graft, more similar to a woven rather than a conventionally knitted structure.

Knitting Technology

This innovative configuration preserves all the advantages of a knitted material, such as absence of fraying, no need for cautery and soft handling, along with the added benefit of dilatation resistance3,4,5.

At standard thickness, the Köper Knitted structure provides enhanced strength and radial stability4,6, and in the Thin Wall grafts and patches, the inherent strength has allowed a reduction in thickness of the product. This provides superb handling, particularly useful in peripheral procedures. In all cases, the balanced, stable fabric structure provides excellent suture retention6, facilitating rapid anastomosis.

Unique Köper knitted structure with woven configuration

Koper Knitted Structure

The Köper Knitted structure features yarns arranged perpendicular to each other on the inner surface.

Increased Radial Stability4

Pulsed Pressure vs Dilatation

The Köper Knitted structure displays superior dilatation resistance to conventional knitted grafts3, 5.

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