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Vascutek History

VASCUTEK, a TERUMO Company is a world leader in the design and manufacture of products that address the needs of vascular and cardiovascular clinicians throughout the world.

For 30 years, Vascutek has applied advanced and innovative technologies to develop a wide portfolio of products which include an extensive range of gelatin sealed woven and knitted polyester grafts for peripheral, abdominal and cardiothoracic surgery.

These technologies led to the development of Anaconda™, featuring the new ONE-LOK™ body design.  Anaconda™ is the world’s first repositionable device that also demonstrates exceptional flexibility. A recent introduction to the company’s product portfolio is the custom made Anaconda™ fenestrated device.

Our range of products also feature ePTFE grafts and proven porcine heart valves2.

1 AnacondaTM Stent Graft system not apporved for use in USA or Japan.
2 Vascutek Porcine Tissue is only approved for use within Europe (Subject to local regulatory approvals).

  • 1979 - Research & Development

    Three groups worked together to develop a new vascular graft



  • 1982 - Vascutek Ltd Founded

    • Vascutek develop unique knitting machines capable of knitting to 60 needles per inch
    • Triaxial™ and VP1200KTM grafts launched



  • 1983 - Development of our Gelatin Sealant begins

    Vascutek's unique modified gelatin sealant:

    • Removal in 14 days by simple hydrolysis*
    • No enzymatic mechanism required*
    • Antibiotic bonding option applies to all Vascutek sealed grafts*
    • Now 37 publications to support this clinical application
    • CE Approval for the Rifampicin Bonding Process gained in 2001#



    * References available on request
    # Note: The application of Rifampicin has not been approved by the FDA for use in the USA or by TPD for use in Canada

  • 1992 - First Gelweave™ Grafts Produced

    • Gelweave™ - a new design of extremely low porosity twill woven prosthesis *



    * References available on request

  • 1999 - First ePTFE grafts launched

    The current range includes:

    • Gelatin sealed Ultrathin ePTFE
    • Gelatin sealed Tapered ePTFE
    • ePTFE with unique ePTFE support
    • Unsealed Ultrathin ePTFE




  • 2001 - Gelweave Valsalva™ is launched

    • The first woven graft designed to closely match natural aortic root anatomy
    • Patent protected *
    • FDA 510(K) received June 2002
    The Valsalva Sinus design,

    • Closely matches aortic root anatomy *
    • Enables valve leaflet motion similar to normal individuals *
    • May provide the potential for increased valve longevity * 


    * References available on request

  • 2002 - Vascutek is proud to become part of Terumo



  • 2005 - Rapidax™*

    • Access within 24 hours
    • Rapid haemostasis following needle withdrawal
    • Effectively no suture hole bleeding or "sweating"
    • Antibiotic Bonding Option



    * RapidaxTM not apporved for use in USA or Japan.

  • 2005 - Anaconda™#

    Anaconda™ AAA Stent Graft is CE Marked



    # AnacondaTM Stent Graft system not approved for use in USA or Japan.

  • 2009 - Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation

    Vascutek receives its 7th Queen's Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category in recognition of BioValsalva™.

    This prestigious award is granted each year by the Queen to a small number of British companies in recognition of achievements in specific areas – Innovation, International Trade and Sustainable Development.

    Previously awarded in:

    • 1988 - Export (2 Awards Granted)
    • 1988 - Technology
    • 1990 - Export
    • 1993 - Export
    • 1998 - Export
    • 2008 - International Trade 
    • 2013 - Innovation


  • 2009 - Cobrahood™

    ePTFE Vascular Prosthesis with Flared Outflow

    • Thin and strong
    • Double wrap open pore technology
    • Free flow hood design
    • Fully customisable hood




  • 2009 - Anaconda™ BluGlide™#

    • Low friction hydrophilic coating significantly smoothes the passage of the delivery sheath through the arteries *
    • Kink resistant sheath with graduated stiffness provides
      • Controlled delivery *
      • Excellent manoeuvrability for varying patient anatomies *
    • Highly radiopaque sheath tip marker for accurate deployment *


    * References available on request
    # AnacondaTM Stent Graft system not apporved for use in USA or Japan.

  • 2010 - Gelweave Lupiae™ Hybrid Debranching Graft

    • The literature has shown that the graft design is useful in creating a suitable landing zone for stent-graft placement during the repair of diseased and damaged thoracic aorta and associated side vessels*
    • Two radiopaque markers improve in vivo visualisation (eg. when undertaking the “elephant trunk” procedure)*
    • The technique has potential for reduced morbidity and mortality v. standard surgical approach*


    * References available on request

  • 2011 - Anaconda™ ONE-LOK™ Produced#

    • The world'd FIRST repositionable stent graft
    • Patented magnet cannulation system
    • New ONE-LOK™ BODY - additional ring stents designed to maximise lumen diameter and blood flow
    • Common distal lumen docking zone diameter


    # Product availability subject to local regulatory approval.

  • 2011 – Rapidax™ II

    Self sealing ePTFE dialysis graft

    • Designed for Rapid haemostasis following needle withdrawal
    • Flexible suture zone designed to aid anastomosis formation
    • >50% reduction in fluid loss in comparison to original Rapidax™ graft*


    * References available on request

  • 2011 - Fenestrated Anaconda™#

    Custom made fenestrated devices

    • Unsupported body section maximises the available area for fenestrations*
    • Repositionable facility enables accurate deployment*
    • Patented magnet system can significantly reduce bifurcate body cannulation time*


    # Product availability subject to local regulatory approval.
    * References available on request

  • 2012 – Thoraflex™ Hybrid# Launched

    The World’s FIRST multi-branched “Frozen Elephant Trunk” Prosthesis

    • Repair of aneurysm and/or dissection of the ascending arch and descending thoracic aorta
    • Combines the benefits of the “Frozen Elephant Trunk” procedure with the Gelweave™ Plexus graft design
    • Differential graft to stent diameters cater for variable proximal and distal aortic anatomies
    • Siena™ collar concept facilities distal graft to vessel anastomosis


    # Product not approved in USA. Approved in Europe only.
    * References available on request 

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