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Porcine Pericardial Patch*

Porcine Pericardial Patch Material

  • Summary

    Vascutek Porcine Pericardial Patch is a thin wall biological porcine tissue patch indicated for tissue repair in cardiac and vascular reconstruction, soft tissue deficiency repair and suture line reinforcement during general surgical procedures.

    Product Details

    Vascutek Porcine Pericardial Patches can be used for a wide range of surgical procedures.

    Typical applications include:

    • Valve leaflet repair
    • Carotid repair
    • Closure of pericardium and pericardial defects

    Key Benefits

    • Proven porcine pericardial tissue1
    • Ultra thin and flexible
    • Exceptional handling
    • Uniform suture retention2

    The Vascutek Porcine Pericardial Patches are ultra thin compared to bovine competitors (mean wall thickness 0.32mm), flexible, strong2 and feature exceptional handling characteristics.

    Mean Comparative Wall Thickness Graph

    (Results based on testing three different competitor patches, minimum of two per competitor)
    The patches are stored in glutaraldehyde and require a simple rinsing procedure prior to implantation (see Instructions For Use).
    * Vascutek Porcine Tissue is only approved for use within Europe (Subject to local regulatory approvals).

  • FAQs

    1. Do the patches need to be rinsed prior to implant?

    Yes, the Vascutek Porcine Pericardial Patches are stored in 0.5 % glutaraldehyde solution and must be thoroughly rinsed in sterile saline solution before being implanted. Please see the rinsing procedure in the product Instructions For Use.

    2. Can the patches be re-sterilised?

    No, the Vascutek Porcine Pericardial Patches must not be re-sterilised. Vascutek accept no responsibility or liability for re-sterilised products.

    3. Can the patch be cut with scissors?

    Yes, the tissue can be cut to the required size using scissors.

    4. Can I retain unused pieces of a cut patch for use at a later date?

    No, any unused tissue must be disposed of as biological waste as per normal hospital procedures. The patches must not be re-sterilised; Vascutek accepts no responsibility or liability for re-sterilised products.

    5. Is the container sterile?

    No, the outside of the container is not sterile – only the inside of the container is sterile. The container must not be introduced into the sterile field.


    * Vascutek Porcine Tissue is only approved for use within Europe (Subject to local regulatory approvals).

References (Click to expand)

  1. Berg G et al (2001)
    Seminars in Thoracic and Cardiovcascular Surgery
    13:4, Suppl 1(October), 48-54.
  2. Data on file at Vascutek

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